You can get a free Quiznos sub as part of the franchise's Million Sub Giveaway promotion. All you have to do is visit the company's One Million Subs promotional site right now, fill out the application form, and await a confirmation e-mail.

The confirmation e-mail should include a link to a printable coupon that will include your name, e-mail address and zip code. Because of this, you'll need to show a valid photo ID to redeem your coupon and get your free sub. The offer includes only the small "Quiznos Signature sub" or "Every Day Value sub", so your choices are somewhat limited.

Also, please note that upon signing up for this free promotion your e-mail address will be automatically entered into the Quiznos marketing (aka e-mail spam) database. Luckily, located directly below the "Get My Free Sub" button, there is a convenient little paragraph including a link for where to opt out of this service.

I just saw this 20 minutes ago and there are already 63,000 coupons redeemed. Better act quick if you want to get one before the full 1 million are given away.

UPDATE: check out our Scam Busters post and the outpour of reader feedback on how this promotion went all wrong.