NEW YORK (MainStreet) – While Santa can get billions of presents to children around the world in one night, some retailers are struggling with standard shipping.

STELLAService, a customer service ratings company, has tested the shipping systems of the top 25 online retailers to rank the fastest and slowest of the lot. To conduct its study, the company ordered six products from each retailer using the standard shipping method during November and December and spaced out deliveries across the country. The results showed that eight retailers were able to get items to customers in less than three days, and all but three retailers were able to get them there in less than five days. The retailers with the slowest standard shipping were, and

STELLAService also highlighted six retailers on the list that beat their own shipping estimates (after all, who doesn’t love it when Christmas comes early?). Those retailers were,,,, and In fact, Zappos actually halved its estimated delivery time of four to five days and got the packages to their destinations in an average of two days.

Getting packages to their destinations on time isn’t the only thing consumers should look for on Free Shipping Day. Risk-free retailers – online stores that allow customers to ship an item for free while returning it – are few and far between, but they offer excellent customer service. Check out the MainStreet list of risk-free retailers and match it up with the STELLAService list below to get the fastest and friendliest online shopping and shipping experience for the holidays. 2.0 days 2.3 days 2.5 days 2.7 days 2.7 days 2.8 days 2.8 days 2.8 days 3.2 days 3.2 days

    TheStreet Recommends 3.3 days 3.3 days 3.5 days 3.7 days 3.8 days 4.0 days 4.0 days 4.0 days 4.2 days 4.3 days 4.3 days 4.4 days 5.0 days 5.5 days 5.5 days