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Allow me to introduce you to your next addiction:

If you thought was good (or bad depending on how you feel about procrastination), then could blow your mind. The site streams full-length movies for free. Crackle is a web video portal owned by Sony (Stock Quote: SNE) and it’s used to showcase the entertainment giant’s considerable video holdings.

That means that at any given time, viewers check out one of dozens of full-length Hollywood features. There will be some commercial interruptions, but they are shorter than TV ads and more infrequent.

Here are some of the many excellent titles you can choose from:

'A Few Good Men': What? You don’t believe that you can watch this classic for free online? Well, I guess you can’t handle the truth.

'California Split': I never heard of this 1974 Robert Altman film, but it stars George Segal and Elliot Gould and I love both of those guys so I’m definitely going to watch this at some point… on my laptop … for free.

: Crackle’s description is pretty classic. “Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis use nuclear weapons to fight ghosts.” They make proton packs sound like H-bombs. Weird.

'Drunken Master': This 1978 Jackie Chan classic introduced the world to the “drunken fist” style of  Kung Fu. When I learned it myself in high school, it really changed my life. Johnny and those other kids from Cobra Kai stopped messing with me… wait. That’s 'The Karate Kid', which also happens to be on

Now, for all you parents out there worried that your kids might have access to R-rated movies, fear not. has instituted a complex age verification system whereby the viewer actually enters their date of birth. It’s fool proof.

Crackle also broadcasts some old TV shows, clips from movies and TV (including nicely condensed episodes of of classic TV hits like Diff’rent Strokes) and even produces some original programming, some of which is actually pretty entertaining. But, to me, the real find is this treasure trove of movies. If you ask me, Sony should expand the archive considerably, and spin off the movies onto its own dedicated site.

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