Tired of plotting out your holiday gift list and calculating the cost of your incredible generosity? Now, you can distract yourself with something fun and free this holiday season while you’re waiting in long shopping lines.

Blacksmith games, an app developer for the iPhone, recently announced that it would be giving away one free game each day in December until Christmas. They started the giveaway on the first of the month with a military stealth game and have continued with others like this sweet samurai fighter game. Once the day ends, the game goes back to its regular price.

Today’s giveaway is bit more wholesome. It’s called Ickle Count and helps teach children basic counting skills.

Sure, you may not be able to get Rock Band or Tap Tap Revolution for free on this site, but you may just discover something better.

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Also, as Mashable.com notes, “not only do iPhone users get access to some free games (and hey, free is free, right?), but smaller app developers get some promotion.” This is particularly useful given that the Apple store recently passed 100,000 apps for sale and most are never used.

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