NEW YORK (MainStreet) – If there’s one thing we like more than free stuff, it’s free food. Heck, we would be freegans if we weren’t so averse to dumpster diving.

We got excited when we saw that Chili’s is offering a free appetizer today. All you need to do is print out this coupon, go to a particpating Chili's restaurant and give it to your waiter or waitress, and you’ll get a free Chips and Queso appetizer. According to the coupon the appetizer includes seasoned beef, warm tostada chips and house-made salsa, all of which sound absolutely delicious.

The coupon is good for today (Wednesday) only and you can only use one coupon per table, so don’t think you can go to Chili’s with your family and get four orders of chips and cheese. You also must order at least one entrée while you’re at it, so forget about getting an appetizer and a glass of water, then walking out without paying.

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