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Tomorrow, Denny’s will be offering free Grand Slam breakfasts from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. So wake up early and bring an extra pair of clothes, this giveaway could get messy.

Last year, Denny’s gave away 2 million free meals and the restaurant chain expects to match that again this year. The Grand Slam breakfast includes any four items including bacon strips, chicken sausage patty, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal and more.

As Kevin Pang wrote in the Chicago Tribune, there is nothing preventing you from going to one Denny’s after another and racking up free meals until 2 p.. Nothing, except your day job and the will to live into the afternoon.

Denny’s advertised the deal during the Super Bowl last night and is advertising it as a “Super Bowl Instant Replay.” Of course, it does seem a bit ironic that the term grand slam applies to several sports – baseball, tennis – but not football. But putting that aside, it’s a sweet deal for those who have the patience to wait in line.

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Since we are technically a finance publication, it seems worthwhile to ask how much Denny’s really profits from giving away millions of free meals. According to DailyFinance, the answer is a lot. “Far from being a risky move, Denny's free Grand Slam day has proved very shrewd. Last year, it propelled a short-term 22% uptick in the stock. This year, it's already resulted in a quick 6% improvement. And in the longer run, the move will draw customers into the restaurant, improve public relations, and reacquaint Denny's fans with the chain's offerings.”

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