NEW YORK (MainStreet) — While some people are currently wrapping up their treasures and others are stuffing the stockings, you could be panicking. Maybe you forgot to get a gift for a single special person. Or maybe you simply didn't get to shopping for anyone on your list until the eleventh hour. No matter what your problem is, do not fear. You don't have to go out and brave the holiday crowds. You don't have to scour the Web looking for items with outrageously high fees for one day shipping. There are some great gifts you can use to create the impression that your gift giving efforts were more than last second. Just think of this as your ultimate strategy guide for last second shopping.

Offer An Experience

When it comes to getting gifts for people who have everything, or the ones who are too old to make holiday gift lists, then you should consider giving them an experience instead. Sites such as can help you to find all kinds of gifts to give. Let your adventurous girlfriends take their first trapeze lesson. Give your hubby a ride in a real NASCAR vehicle. Or maybe your big brother would like to learn to paint from the pros. Just be careful about locations. You don't want to give someone who lives in east Texas a gift that will only work in San Francisco, unless you know his or her travel plans. The best thing about this kind of a gift is that they can be sent and received instantly via email.

If you're looking for something with a little more style, one option is Henri's Reserve. The company offers a set of curated champagnes from around the world. You may have to pay a little bit more if you want a bottle in hand, but you can also just stop at a liquor store for this one. Gift cards range in size from $50 to $1,000 if you want to let the recipient pick his own bottles.

Go Charitable

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Giving to a charity for most people is a good idea, provided that you pick the right one. The last thing you want to do is give to a charity that is going to anger your recipient. There is, however, a work around, sites such as allow you to give a kind of blank charity donation. The site allows you to give a donation, which your recipient can then pick to give to a charity of his choice. This site has about 300 partner charities that your target can choose to give to, and the prices start at $10.

Go Subscription

If you don't like the traditional wine and food gift mailing services, if you've already sent a couple of Vermont Teddy Bears why not try a non-luxury item that your target will actually use. There are plenty of services, like the Dollar Shave Club, that can bring razors or shaving paraphernalia to your targets door in no time at all. Think also about BirchBox for beauty items.

Of course, if you have to resort to using a gift card, don't feel bound by what you can find in your local mall kiosk. After all picking up nothing but cards is a dead giveaway. Try to find a fun and personal site. Just remember to make sure that it matches your target's taste. You can get a lot of these on the web and have them printed out in just a few minutes. This one is great for the absolute last second guest on the way over to Christmas Eve dinner.

--Written by Katie Gatto for MainStreet