NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Like every other retailer, the Disney Store is having a big after-Christmas clearance sale as the retailer attempts to clear stock from the shelves. It’s called the “Twice Upon a Year Sale,” and it includes up to 50% off toys and clothes at If you order more than $50 worth of merchandise you can get $5 shipping with the promo code SHIPFIFTY through January 17. 

Here are a few items that caught our eye.

Deluxe Edition Belle Doll
Now: $19.99 | Was: $49.50

This is one of about a dozen Beauty and the Beast toys on clearance, which seems a bit odd given that the movie came out almost 20 years ago. Our theory: Disney employees must have stumbled across a warehouse full of old movie merchandise and they’re doing their best to unload it.

Mickey Mouse Hanukkah Wall Hanging
Now: $15.99 | Was: $22.95

Like many retailers this time of year, the Disney Store is trying to get rid of its excess holiday decorations. Among the various Disney character Christmas ornaments we found this wall hanging, which is apparently meant to be Hanukkah’s answer to the Advent calendar.

Personalized Disney Princess Varsity Jacket
Now: $24.99 | Was: $49.95

This Varsity jacket features Cinderella, Aurora and Tiana, only one of whom we’ve actually heard of. Ariel and Pocahontas also tried out for the Varsity team, but only made J.V.

Organic Long Sleeve Toy Story 3 Tee
Now: $10 | Was: $14.50

This Toy Story shirt proudly proclaims “Batteries Not Included!”, which seems like an odd rallying cry even for an army of toys. Though we suppose it’s better than “Some Assembly Required!” or “Choking Hazard!”

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