I generally try to avoid flight fare deals, because things are rarely what they seem. Most airlines tack on so much in extra fees that I’m reluctant to point people toward this sale or that, knowing that the advertised fares come with all sorts of strings attached.

I tend to make an exception, though, when it comes to JetBlue and Southwest (Stock Quote: LUV), the two airlines that have steadfastly bucked the trend of charging for checked bags. The latter is having a limited time sale that runs through the end of Thursday, and there are plenty of one-way fares as low as $30.

Southwest is promoting the deal as “No Tricks Early Treats,” and these are the treats on select one-way flights:

0- 450 miles in length: $30
451-1,000 miles in length: $60
1,001-1,500 miles in length: $90
$1,501+ miles in length: $120 

Those rates don’t apply to all flights, just the routes Southwest has listed on its site. While there are tons of routes there, the carrier hasn’t listed New York to Los Angeles flights at those rates, for instance. And those rates only apply to travel Dec. 1 – Dec. 15 and Jan. 4 – Feb. 16, so you can’t use the deal to go home for the holidays. 

If you see a route on that list and want to fly during those dates, book now, as the sale ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday. And, as always, check the fine print – the various excise taxes and airport/security fees will add on an extra $15 or more, and other rules and restrictions apply.

Oh, and if you plan on taking an extended holiday vacation and can get a fare during those two windows, there’s yet another perk to flying Southwest: since they don’t charge for the first two checked bags, it’s a great way to transport presents.

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