The great thing about the last months of the year is how the various holidays seem to follow each other one after the other. As soon as Halloween is over, everyone’s mind immediately turns to Thanksgiving; the day after Thanksgiving we all run out to do our holiday shopping; and as soon as Christmas is over, we start drawing up our New Year’s resolutions. It gives the season a nice continuity, and the promise of the next holiday on the agenda has a way of pulling us through the cold winter months.

With Halloween now behind us, the Thanksgiving season has officially begun. And just as we go Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I think we should go Thanksgiving shopping the day after Halloween. Last month we highlighted an early-bird sale on Thanksgiving supplies that’s since expired; today we’re going to look at decorations. offers a wide variety of seasonal decorations, and when you enter the coupon code 390200 – found on – you get 20% off your purchase of any Thanksgiving decorations (it also applies to Christmas and Hanukkah decorations, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves). Here are a few of the items that caught our eye.

Mini Pumpkins in Mesh Bag
Now: $4.00 | Was: $5.00

Would you like a bagful of tiny fake pumpkins? No, of course you wouldn’t. No reasonable person would. But as soon as Thanksgiving comes along, the entire country goes crazy for gourds. And these won’t rot away on your front porch like your jack-o-lantern will, so you might get a few years’ use out of a $4 product. Now that’s a deal.

20-Piece Happy Thanksgiving Decorating Kit
Now: $33.09 | Was: $36.79

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This is the mother lode right here. You’ve got banners, you’ve got pumpkin cutouts, you’ve got a few turkey decorations, and even a young pilgrim who’s super excited to have a belt on his hat.

Thanksgiving Sign
Now: $38.39 | Was: $47.99

This looks like a nice sign, but the description says that it takes two people two hours to put this together. Either they’re severely underestimating the building skills of Americans, or there’s more to this sign that meets the eye.

Turkey Hat
Now: $15.99 | Was: $19.99

There aren’t too many families that dress up for Thanksgiving, but why not? One side of the family comes as pilgrims, the other side comes as Indians, and one unlucky guy has to be the turkey. Fortunately, this turkey hat is $4 off.

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