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Target (Stock Quote: TGT) is relying on the masses to drive down the price of its latest GPS deal.

The retail giant posts daily specials on its @targetdailydeal Twitter account, but this Monday’s deal came with a twist: for every person who re-tweeted the TomTom GPS deal, the discount retailer would take a dollar off the price. The price starts at $200 and the maximum possible savings were set at $80. Target will announce the final price on Friday on its Daily Deals site.

As we write, it looks like shoppers will get the maximum savings, as 75 people had retweeted the original tweet and 57 had retweeted a follow-up tweet. While those numbers seem a bit low considering Target’s account has nearly 60,000 followers, a Target spokesperson Janna Fischer told MainStreet that “the promotion far exceeded our expectations,” and that the retailer will likely offer a similar deal in the future.

So if this does indeed knock the price down by $80, is the GPS still a good deal?

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The unit in question is the TomTom XL 340T GPS system, which is currently listed on at the MSRP of $200. Of course, most retailers are already selling it for far less than the MSRP; Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: WMT) has it at $129, for instance, as does (Stock Quote: AMZN). As far as we can tell, though, Target's $120 would be the lowest price available, and since it ships for free, this looks like the best deal around.

So should you get it? It depends on your needs. The model is actually identical to the TomTom XL 340S GPS except that it also features lifetime traffic updates (that’s the lifetime of the unit, not you). The 340S has received good reviews, with particular praise heaped on the wide screen and optional celebrity voices for turn-by-turn directions, and it sells for as low as $104. So if you like the unit and think you may get some use out of the traffic updates, you can get them for just an extra $16 with the Target deal.

The Verdict: We’ll have to wait and see if the price does indeed come down to $120 tomorrow. But if it does, this looks like a great deal for those looking for a mid-level wide-screen GPS system.

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