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NEW YORK (MainStreet) – If you desperately need a watch, only have $1, and don’t care about how your timepiece looks, we’d recommend checking out today’s deal of the day at

For just $1 you can get what the site describes as a “trendy collectable silicon watch” in one of five colors, with free shipping. Of course, given that it has been marked down from $14.99 to $1, it’s hard to imagine that they’re either trendy or collectible.

It seems more likely that some company bet that these would be the watch version of Crocs, only to find that nobody actually wants to buy something that looks like a Livestrong bracelet had a baby with your old Timex. Now they want to clear out the warehouse and put the whole sordid affair behind them, so they’re giving a 93% discount and paying to ship it to you. That’s our theory, anyway.

Still, we won’t lie: We’re probably going to get one, if only because there are so few things you can actually buy for $1 anymore. We might even get one in all five colors and wear them all on our wrist like the guy in the picture there. Though on closer inspection, those watches are all displaying different times, which casts a bit of doubt on its reliability as a timekeeper.

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In any case, this deal of the day expires at midnight (central time), so act now if you want to get in on this “trendy collectable.”

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