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Carry Your Laptop in a Cargo

The cool pockets and sturdy design make this computer case a stand-out.

LOS ANGELES -- Here are a couple of items that make traveling with your technology a little easier. First is the Cargo case, with its cool cargo pocket, leather-ish and satin linings, and eye-catching pattern. Gadget Grrl says this designer laptop case is well-built and sturdy.

Next is the Drive-In DVD Storage system for Mac users. This gadget lets you copy and carry your DVDs with you on the road. Gadget Grrl warns there will be some loss of quality, but it beats carrying the individual cases with you.

Now more about the Cargo.

Slim Cargo
$109.99 - $249.99

There are plenty of computer cases out there, but I looked at one of the most unique styles from Acme Made, the Cargo. For starters, it's built very well. It is sturdy enough for Laptops, and the new MacBook size is now available in its stripe pattern (textile design by Paul Smith and Plural Fossil). This pattern is a welcome relief to the sea of black, grey and brown cases that just get lost in the crowd.

There is a large Cargo pocket (thus the name) on the front that is squared off, so you can put folders or company projects in there without worrying about them getting squashed.

And the interior of the Cargo pocket is lined with micro-suede (feels like leather).

On the inside of the main compartment, there is a quilted satin lining with cell foam padding on all sides, so your laptop is safe.

Of note also are the sturdy, leather handles and the extra back pocket -- great for stuffing airline boarding passes or papers.

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Drive-In DVD Storage
Click for more info

If you are a mobile executive on a Mac and would like to take along your DVD collection, there is a solution in the program Drive-In DVD storage.

Before going into what Drive-In is, it's important to know what it's not.

  • Drive-In is NOT a DVD "ripper."
  • Drive-In does not remove the original disc's content protection.
  • It does not omit or remove the disc's navigation menus or special features.
  • Additionally, Drive-In does not re-encode the picture or sound track, which always leads to a loss in quality. So, you won't be able to take DVD's you rent from Netflix (NFLX) - Get Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Report ( STOCK QUOTE: NFLX) and then load them onto your Mac.

How Drive-In works is really pretty easy. What you are doing is making an exact copy, including the cover art and all the extras, from a DVD that you have purchased.

You take your DVD and put it into your computer and then enter in the UPC barcode on the back of your DVD case. This will then download all the cover art and info from your DVD.

So, after going through a couple more steps, you are then able to copy your DVD directly to your hard drive on your Mac. Once loaded, you can view the DVD on your Mac in Apple's (STOCK QUOTE: AAPL (AAPL) - Get Apple Inc. (AAPL) Report DVD Player or Front Row. So, if you've got a pretty decent hard drive, you can load a number of DVDs to view on the road and not have to carry the individual cases.

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