Just because you have less disposable income to spend at a spa, does not mean your valuable self-pampering and primping time should cease.

You can enjoy anywhere from a month to a year's worth of the same indulgences you'd get at the spa or dermatologist, for the price of just one or two of their professional services. All you have to do is bring the spa home.

1. Cellulite-fighting duo. Some things are better done in private—cellulite scrubbing falls into this category. Recreate the coveted Bliss spa treatment behind closed doors with the Bliss Slimulator, a rubber massager that stimulates circulation and moves excess fluids, paired with the Bliss Fatgirlslim firming cream. $45 for the duo.
A similar treatment from an esthetician? $100.

2. Anti-aging peels. Erasing fine lines, evening skin tone and refining pores can set you back a pretty penny, especially when you’re at the spa. We love Ole Henriksen’s home version of his Micro/Mini Peeling Treatment, which is $95 for approximately 10 applications.
The same facial at his Hollywood spa? $125.

3. Morning brightener. Wake up looking refreshed, rejuvenated and glowing with baby soft skin sans the spa appointment. An oxygen mask or peel—we love the one from Philosophy—is an easy way to fake being a morning person. The price, $50 for 10 treatments, will make you feel even more radiant.

4. Instant eyelift. Who do A-listers visit to get red carpet ready? Tracie Martyn. Her cult favorite LotuSculpt Eye Pads and Activator kit is the celeb secret for taking 10 years off one's eyes in minutes. The same results can be yours for $95 for 10 pads.

5. LED wrinkle reducer. The Tända Regenerate Anti-Aging Starter Kit includes a red LED light therapy device that zaps fine lines and wrinkles, while repairing skin tone and texture. Dermatologist not included—or necessary! The cost: $275 for about 6,000 treatments (and you can replace the head for another 300 hours of use).

6. Blemish tackler. Forget pricey derm visits or endless acne products. All you need is a two-second pulse of thermal energy a la Thermaclear, an advanced heat-backed tool that stops pimple-forming bacteria the second they start.  The device’s hefty price, $149, becomes more of a value when you consider the LED head lasts at least one year.

7. Dark spot minimizer. Discoloration can be a sign of the times, but thanks to breakthrough products, you don’t need a pro's intervention. Our go-to at-home treatment, DDF Discoloration Reversal-POD, exfoliates and lessens melanin production quickly and cheaply. $70 for a month’s supply.

8. Super-sonic cleanser. This celeb fave used by derms, Clarisonic Plus Skincare System & Spot Therapy, gives skin a 60-second micro-massage, leaving it twice as clean as manual scrubbing, plus it supercharges your skin’s ability to absorb vitamin C. $225 also gets you a charger and several trial-sized cleansers.

9. Face and body buffer. If you’re not in the Kate Somerville clinics’ zip codes, try the next best thing: her newly launched ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. For $85, you’ll get numerous treatments of the same spa ingredients you’d get by seeing Kate in person.

10. Celebrity arches. A-list brow diva Anastasia has put her three must-have grooming essentials into a travel-friendly Brow Tool Kit which includes classic stencils, scissors and tweezers, at a price ($45) the rest of us can afford.