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Meet the next generation of burglars.

Last week, a group of three men were arrested for using social networking sites to burglarize more than a dozen homes in New Hampshire.

According to WMUR Channel 9 News, the suspects “used social networking sites such as Facebook to identify victims who posted online that they would not be home at a certain time.” This tactic proved pretty successful, as police reportedly recovered between $100,000 and $200,000 worth of stolen property from the three men.

The incident itself should come as a wake-up call to anyone who posts personal information about their whereabouts online.

As we’ve reported before, several websites have popped up in recent months to raise awareness on this issue. One site, appropriately called Please Rob Me, launched in February featuring particularly foolish Twitter updates from real users that included information about their location.

So perhaps now is as good a time as any to highlight three things you should never post in your status update if you don’t want to be robbed:

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- Don’t say that you and your entire family are on vacation, or spending the night away from your house.

- Don’t post updates about how frustrated you are with your alarm company because your alarm system just won’t work.

- And don’t write while at work that you are worried about whether you remembered to lock your front door.

Consider this a list in progress. I’m sure we’ll have to add to it as more social networking blunders happen down the road.

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