The BlackBerry Bold (RIMM) and 3G iPhone (AAPL) are coming soon to an ear near you. That means some consumers may be hanging up on their old units, and upgrading to a smarter phone.

It also means you might want to make room in that desk drawer, so your soon to be outdated phone can join those other three old phones that you no longer use. (That's how many the average user has gone through so far.) And seeing as fewer than 10% of folks ever dispose of, or recycle, their old phone, that number is bound to increase.

Oh, and don't get too used to the new phone you don't even have yet.

The average consumer only uses their phone for 12 to 18 months, according to Enviro Smart, a cell phone recycle company based in Richmond, Va.

So, which tech companies are releasing new phones? Start with Research In Motion, a leader in the smart phone stratosphere, who is set to released its first quarter estimates. The release date for their new Bold phone is unknown, but should be sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, Apple’s 3G phone is slated for release on July 11, and with a price tag of $199, the price of this smart phone has shrunk considerably since its launch. Suddenly this smart phone is a little more assessable.

But before you rush out to buy your next phone, here's the scoop on recycling. Check out Enviro Smart, which offers to pay for phones that are recycled. You can also connect with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation program "Call2Recycle," for a list of cell phone drop locations across the U.S. You can also donate your phone to a charitable cause such as Cell Phones for Soldiers or the Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection. (No matter what, if you do get rid of your phone, be sure to erase your cell phone's memory. Check out Wireless Recycling (to better protect your old data.)

What do you think about smart phones? Which one is on your wish list? How many phones have you gone through to date? Post your thoughts here.