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One of the few positives about the economic downturn is that Americans have become increasingly money-conscious and focused on finding the best deals. Recent surveys show that consumers are generally more cautious about spending money and are taking advantage of options like coupons more often.

In response to this, a whole new breed of deal sites have launched in the past couple of years that make bargain hunting seem cool again. Groupon launched at the end of 2008 and pioneered the idea of group buying, where they advertise deals that take effect only when a certain number of shoppers sign up to take advantage of it. Since then, other sites like Living Social, Social Buy and DealOn have launched their own versions of this online service.

These tools have not only helped consumers find dinners and spa treatments for half-price, but they also have helped many businesses across the country attract more traffic to their stores. Now, a new deal site called is taking a slightly different approach in the hopes of helping out small businesses even more.

The site was launched in June by ReachLocal, a company that helps local businesses market themselves online. Bizzy’s mission, according to the site, is “to be a dedicated place where the world’s local businesses and their best customers come together to connect and communicate.“

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The site currently has a comprehensive list of deals in Dallas, New York and San Francisco. Consumers can select a city and find ongoing promotions at restaurants, retail stores and salons. If you live in New York, you can take advantage of a promotion for 15% off any party held at the Mercury Bar or sign up for a $10 yoga session at the Integral Yoga Institute.

In this sense, the site functions a bit like an events listing in your local paper.

But where it really excels is in allowing users to build a list of businesses on the site that you can follow. Once you are connected with a local business, you will be able to follow their promotions and events specifically and may even receive special offers that they send out to followers. You can also send messages and suggestions to the business directly and build a relationship with them that way. Meanwhile, the business gets the benefit of building more of a following and hearing from their customer base.

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