Best Travel Deals for 2010 - TheStreet

Many of you may be reading this at home right now after having forfeited a holiday getaway for the sake of being frugal. If you failed to get your vacation fix this year (or even if you did), 2010 may be your year.

As good as the deals were this year, 2010 may actually be better. Though the global recession has eased in many countries, the tourism industry is expected to suffer for much of 2010. According to one recent poll in USA Today, 30% of people surveyed actually plan to travel less frequently in the coming year than they did in 2009. On top of this, the recent terrorism incident on a Detroit-bound plane will likely scare more travelers away.

So, if you want a cheap vacation this year, you don’t have to settle for the Jersey Shore. There are plenty of sweet spots that will be discounted this year.

Lonely Planet recently released their list of the 10 hot spots that will be great values in 2010. Some of their picks, like Malaysia, Bulgaria and India, may seem out of the way. However, there are definitely surprises on the list.

One of the best bargains of 2010 is London, which is expected to be at least a third cheaper than it was just a couple years ago, thanks largely to an improved exchange rate. Also, as Lonely Planet notes, “Luxury hotels have slashed rates so fiercely that indulging yourself in five-star comfort can sometimes seem like the most economic option.”

Iceland and Mexico will also be good bets for travelers. Both countries have been fighting to increase tourism to help fuel economic growth. In Iceland’s case, the situation is particularly dire since their financial system essentially collapsed last year. Yet, don’t think of a trip like this as a charity case. Iceland has long been considered one of the most scenic spots for travelers, with its volcanoes and hot springs.

If you’re looking to travel domestically, one U.S. city did make the list, Las Vegas. According to Lonely Planet, Vegas is still struggling to recover after being hit especially hard by the credit crunch. Not only will you get discounts on luxury hotels, but if you travel soon, you can be one of the first people to check out Vegas’ new CityCenter. We hear it takes decadence to a whole new level.

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