NEW YORK (MainStreet) — As you get ready for Halloween this year, there are plenty of smartphone apps worth downloading to celebrate the spooky day and help keep your kids safe as they go trick-or-treating. MainStreet rounded up a few essential Halloween apps for any family with a smartphone.

Trick or Tracker

Trick or Tracker may not sound like much of a choice – after all, it’s the treats that really drive the holiday – but this recently launched app serves a valuable function by making it easier for parents to track where their children are on Halloween day. The $4.99 Android app lets parents connect their phone to their child’s (as long as at least one of the phones is an Android) so that each user can direct the other’s phone to send a location update. Parents can open up the app and request the GPS location of their child, and kids can do the same by opting to “locate parent.” This way, neither of you will lose track of one another in the mad dash of zombies and vampires trying to get candy from as many houses as possible.

For those who don’t have an Android phone, there is also Find My Friends, a free app on the iPhone that lets users pinpoint their contacts on a map at any given moment as long as they have opted into the service. This tool is particularly helpful if you need to keep an eye on multiple kids who may be running around with friends in different neighborhoods.

Carve It!

If your children (or significant other) is begging to do some pumpkin carving this weekend but you’re worried about their ability to wield a sharp object, you might consider forking over 99 cents for the virtual pumpkin carving app on the iPhone. With Carve It!, users can draw designs with their finger on one of three different-sized pumpkins and light up the inside with a candle animation. By the time they do this a few times, your family may just be ready to design a real jack-o’-lantern. Well, maybe next year. Why rush it?

Haunted House Finder

If you want to really scare your kids this Halloween weekend, take them to a real haunted house. The Haunted House Finder from Ghost Hunters, a popular TV show, highlights more than 100 haunted locations around the country and locates the nearest ones based on your phone’s GPS location. The app is 99 cents and available on the iPhone.

Pocket Cocktails

Just because you’re focused on making sure your kids have a good time on Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t do something for yourself this weekend. The Pocket Cocktails app offers up more than 500 Halloween-themed cocktail ideas for adults to enjoy, including drinks like the Eyeball Martini and the Ex-Ghoul Friend. It’s available on the iPhone for 99 cents.

Google Shopper

While it’s not a Halloween-specific app, anyone with last-minute candy and costume shopping to do should consider downloading the Google Shopper app to do quick price comparisons and find reviews of products on the go. The app lets you scan barcodes or simply speak the name of the product rather than type, and it’s free on the iPhone and Android phones. With apps like this one, you can ensure that your Halloween won’t turn into a living hell.

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