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It’s exciting to have a beauty bar at home full of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, but not when they prevent you from affording your groceries.

Free Trials
Behind every cosmetic counter at major department stores like Macy’s and Saks is a beauty sample treasure chest.  Put on a smile and ask for trial samples. You’ll at least score a free week’s supply of your favorite and often too-expensive products, like some decadent Crème de la Mer and Kiehl’s grapefruit shampoo. Stop by the cosmetic counter again when you’re getting ready for a big night on the town. Get a professional makeup artist to do your makeup for free. Just ask!

Free Haircuts

Hair stylists-to-be need to log hours of hair cuts before getting certified. As a result, they’ll often give free haircuts in return for the experience. Sometimes it’s advertised, but other times you’re best to call up your local beauty academy or brand-name salon to inquire about free styling sessions.  For example, In New York City, LA, San Francisco or Dallas, the Bumble and Bumble hair salon is known for arranging free haircuts. Additionally, Herbal is running a limited-time promotion where you get a free haircut from a participating salon in your area with the purchase of two of its shampoos or conditioners.

$1 Cosmetics

Okay this isn’t free, but almost. Visit the acclaimed Eyes Lips Face beauty line at Nearly everything from blush to eye shadow, lip-gloss and hairbrushes is $1. No joke.  

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