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Preparing to go back to school could mean a personal technology upgrade, but if you’re being more conscious of your spending, there are a number of tempting tech items that you can do without. 

1. The Infamous iPod

You don’t really need a new or bigger iPod (Stock Quote: AAPL).  It’ll lead to more spending on music at a time when you may be tight on cash.

And for best results with iTunes, you’ll want a Mac, according to ZDNet, and they cost significantly more than PCs.

2. Electronic Extras

Having two monitors for your computer may look nice and make it easier to have all your work in front of you at once, but save your money and just use one. And a wireless mouse and keyboard isn’t necessary either. How likely are you to need your keyboard while you’re not at your monitor in the first place?  If you need to save, you can do without these indulgences.

3. Amazon Kindle

Unless your school is one that’s testing e-textbooks on Kindles and giving them away free, you may not want to shell out $300 or more to get a Kindle or even $200 for another brand e-book reader (Stock Quote: AMZN).  It’s too easy to pay for and download a bunch of books – including those you won’t even end up reading. And are you sure you can get all your textbooks electronically?  And will you want to write in margins and doggy-ear pages?

4. A Wireless Router

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University networks often have back-end infrastructure in place to stop wireless routers or more than one device accessible to the network, says ZDNet. Even if you tweak your router’s settings, it will probably still fail to work, the tech site says.

5. A Huge TV

Chances are, if you are living in a dorm, you won’t have much room for a gigantic television.  And if you do, will you really be spending your college days in your room watching TV?

What tech temptations are you avoiding this school year? Let us know in our comments section.

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