Are Mini Kegs the Best Value for Your Beer Money? - TheStreet

Spending less on beer may not mean resorting to the cheapest beer you can stomach.

MillerCoors may be introducing mini kegs in stores near you.

The maker of Miller Lite, Coors Light and Newcastle Brown Ale has started selling 1.5-gallon, $20 draft-beer systems, according to The Wall Street Journal.

So with more consumers opting to stay home and drink, suds drinkers now have more options for beer fresh from an at-home tap besides Heineken.

Like the Heineken kegs, the MillerCoors's home draft systems can be placed upright in a refrigerator, and can keep beer fresh for about 30 days.

But are mini kegs the best beer-drinking value?

If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest option with less concern about quality or taste, it may not be worth it. A mini MillerCoors keg gives you about 16 12-ounce beers that cost about $1.25 each. 

But if you belong to the 30% of beer drinkers who prefer tap beer, according to the Journal’s report, you may think it’s worth it to pay the 15% price-per-ounce premium over an 18-pack of beer in cans.

MillerCoors kegs are now available in six cities including Dallas, Phoenix and San Diego, and if they’re well received, they could be available nationwide.

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