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There are two types of people in this world: those with iPhones and those with Android phones … then there is everyone else, but as far as this article is concerned, they don’t really exist.

It turns out these two types of smartphone users are as different as night and day. Android users love eating pork ribs, have pet birds and prefer reading hard news. On the other hand, iPhone users eat chicken, have pet fishes and are more into entertainment news.

I wish I was kidding.

These findings are based on a new report about the personality of smartphone users released from and Grocery IQ, two leading deals sites with mobile apps. These companies analyzed data about how coupon usage on their apps varied between the iPhone and Android. The results are surprising but hard to decipher.

In addition to the differences in diets and pet preferences mentioned above, the data seems to indicate that iPhone users are more likely to be women, as they were more likely to buy women’s body wash and baby products. That said, it could just be that male iPhone users do the shopping for the entire family.

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Then there are just some other odd differences found in the study. For instance, iPhone users tend to buy disposable diapers, while Android users purchase disposable swim pants. And we don’t even know what disposable swim pants are.

Unfortunately, and Grocery IQ do not provide any interpretation of the data expect for some PR speak about how both users share a desire to save money with coupons (har har har). So, take it for what you will. If you hate fish tanks and babies, don’t go home with anyone who has an iPhone. And if you can’t stand pork and disposable swim wear, well maybe you should avoid that friend of yours with the Droid.

Or not. Really, the moral of this story should be not to judge a person by their smartphone. Maybe you should actually try to communicate with them on the phone instead.

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