Inauguration day is Jan. 20 and while you may know the many reasons why it’s a historical date… do you know how you’re celebrating?

Will you be lining the Washington, D.C. mall with millions of Americans? Will you be at your desk watching the festivities on the Internet? If you’re like most people I’ve asked, you’ll be sitting around with the same pals with whom you’ve watched the debates and the election results.

Here are a few suggestions to ensure that your celebration is appropriately festive and inaugural:

1. Buy some commemorative goodies. Give the e-conomy a little stimulating! Consider banners, bandanas and buttons and t-shirts. Also the commemorative plates, glasses and silk-screen posters. If you’re not sure where to find Obama-items, take a look at these:
- for t-shirts
- for banners and posters
- for everything else and a bag of blue-corn chips

2. Raise a flag. This is a patriotic and hopeful day. So pull out the old stars and stripes. You know you’ve got one in the attic; just do it.

3. Dine like a president. Through the wonders of technology, you can actually re-create the entire Inauguration lunch, and enjoy American seafood stew, duck breast with cherry chutney, and herb roasted pheasant with wild rice stuffing, just like Obama. For the recipes, visit the Official Inaugural Web Site.

4. Get your drink on. Pop the bubbly, raise a Bud… this party kicks off at noon so be an American and give our country’s blue laws the old raspberry. There are more than a few politically inspired cocktails to choose from. Obama-Slamma, anyone?

5. Did somebody say free donuts? Krispy Kreme (Stock Quote: KKD) is so excited about Obama, they’re giving away free donuts. Just one per customer and no purchase necessary. Get em while they are warm. Click here for a location near you.

6. Support a Good Cause with Ice Cream. For the month of January, The loveable Vermont liberals at Ben & Jerry (Stock Quote: UL) are giving away proceeds from the sale of their Yes Pecan! Ice cream (amber waves of buttery ice cream and roasted non-partisan pecans) to the Common Cause Education Fund. Guilt free ice cream: my favorite flavor.

7. T.G.I.Obama. If you’d like to be part of the world’s largest inauguration party, stop by your local TGIFridays. Take part in the “toast heard round the world, enjoy red and white chips, and commemorative buttons for all. Half price appetizers too! What could be more American?

So whether you choose to celebrate the future, or take a swing at a Bush piñata, take a moment on Tuesday. It is the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States. Pursue happiness your way.