If even the thought of getting organized stresses you out, then the newest crop of innovative online tools might be able to help – by turning your overloaded inbox into organized data. These time management sites are free, and so easy you can set them up during your lunch break.

Input your online banking, brokerage and credit card log in information (no account numbers necessary) and let the site break down your spending into categories like gas, food and entertainment. It tracks your activity, constantly updating your charts and making it simple to see where your money is going and what you should cut back on. The site also sends payment alerts, so you’re less likely to be late on that Visa (Stock Quote: V) bill.

Don’t be fooled by the super simple interface. This site is great at helping you get things done. Just enter your list of to-do’s in the text box, and a reminder in bold will appear on cue. The site is coming out with new languages and features, so check their blog for updates. “It’s a great task manager for people who don't like to-do lists,” says Janet Barclay a virtual assistant and founder of OrganizedAssistant.com.

Instead of using up memory in your Outlook inbox, use this site to upload huge files that can be downloaded by a recipient. Now you can schlep large files all over the world, at no cost.


The name says it all. This downloadable application sorts through your entire hard drive in search of misplaced files. Other Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) applications like Docs and Calendar also help you store documents online and stay on top of your schedule. Start a Google calendar to track after school activities, community meetings, dinners and date nights for your entire family.


Combine social networking and personal finance, and you get Geezeo, the site that builds a community around your budgetary needs. You can set and track goals like eliminating credit card debt, participate in financial discussion groups and even check your budget from your cell phone. Lean on the community of dedicated Geezeo users to help shed light on your money concerns.

TheStreet Recommends

This two-year-old site packages travel confirmation emails into a neat itinerary for the user. Just forward travel arrangements to plans@tripit.com which then compiles everything into an easily retrievable profile (including a few extras like the weather) that you can print out before you leave.

Organize your medical records in one central location. Launched by the American Health Information Management Association, this site collects key information from both doctors and patients to help users manage the health records of themselves or their loved ones. Online health sites come in especially handy while traveling abroad says Barclay, because they’re “available to you and your healthcare providers from anywhere in the world.”