WorstPizza.com released the results of a somewhat self-serving poll. “WorstPizza.com has found that 63 percent of couples this year have decided to stay in for Valentine’s Day,” according to a press release. Their poll involved approximately 3,000 men and women around the country.

The poll is self-serving because, well, what do most couples do when they stay in? I don’t know, but I’m assuming they order pizza (the Chinese Food Delivery Association of America might disagree, though). And since WorstPizza is a pizza reviews publication… maybe hungry couples will peruse their site before deciding on a place from which to order. You sly PR devils. Always one step ahead of us.

Regardless of motivation, this poll is interesting and I like it. It takes the pressure off. You don’t need to whisk your ladyfriend or man buddy off to Switzerland and buy into the consumer culture, man. You can just enjoy each other’s company. Or, more likely, order a pizza and quietly tolerate Love & Sex, 16 Candles, Definitely Maybe—or whatever romance movie happens to be playing on USA Network that day.

Speaking of which, here are some ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day on the cheap.

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