5 Surprising Things You Can Rent Online - TheStreet

These days, it seems like you can rent just about anything online. Everyone knows you can rent movies, textbooks and designer purses with a click of a mouse — but here are a few online rental opportunities that might surprise you.


If you love animals but don’t want permanent responsibility, rent a furry friend on a short-term basis. Flexpetz is a dog rental company that serves large U.S. cities. Feline fans will need to be patient: cat rentals are all the rage in Japan, but those services don't yet seem available online in the U.S.


If you like to hop on a bike when you travel, RentaBikeNow lets you rent 10-speeds, mountain bikes and accessories like a child's trailer.

Fancy sports cars

It's easy to rent a basic sedan online from any major car rental company. But what if you have the urge to tool around in a Lamborghini for the weekend? Gotham Dream Cars specializes in renting exotic and luxury cars like Ferraris, Bentleys and Maseratis. You simply place your reservation online and a sweet ride is dropped off right in your driveway.

Closet space

If you need a place to stash your stuff, there are new high-tech alternatives to those generic roadside storage units. ClutterFreeBox lets you ship your stuff to a storage facility via FedEx and then manage and retrieve it via an online system. Meanwhile, Garde Robe is a luxury wardrobe storage and valet service that provides 24/7 visual access to every item in your "cyber closet."

Cell phones

When traveling overseas, you might find yourself incommunicado if your phone doesn't get service in that area. Cellular Abroad lets you rent cell phones, SIM cards and PDAs that will work wherever your travels take you.

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