Are you one of those people who constantly come up with ideas for TV commercials? Well, it’s time to dust off the video camera, because now’s your chance to cash in.

$5 million in prizes are up for grabs for chip-loving consumers who create the best 30-second commercials in competition for advertising spots during Super Bowl XLIV next year.

This is the third year in a row that Frito-Lay (Stock Quote: PEP), the maker of Doritos, has held the competition. All you’ll have to do is sum up your love for Doritos in 30 seconds.

At Super Bowl XLIII, the advertisement created by the winning directors Joe and Dave Herbert of Batesville, Ind., took the top spot on USA Today’s annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, a real-time consumer survey of how much viewers liked the ads that are aired. That was the first time amateurs beat out seasoned advertising professionals, according to Frito-Lay. 

This year there will be six finalists who get $25,000 each. Those submissions will be posted to the Web and the public will vote on their favorites. Doritos will air the top three during Super Bowl XLIV, and if the ads claim the top three spots on the newspaper’s ad meter, the winners could receive a total of $5 million. 

Here are the specifics courtesy of Doritos: “If you get first place on the USA Today Ad Meter, we'll give you $1,000,000. Second wins $600,000, and third wins $400,000. If we take the Top 3, everyone gets another $1,000,000.”

Not a bad payout for work that could potentially cost you next to nothing. 

Last year’s winning commercial was produced with a budget of less than $2,000, but the 2007 winning ad was produced for around $12, according to Frito-Lay.

And like last year’s winners proved, virtually no video production experience is necessary, and winning could actually help you land job offers in advertising, Frito-Lay says.

In conjunction with the contest announcement, free Doritos are being given out on Madison Avenue in New York, often considered the center of the advertising industry that the contest takes a jab at.

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