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From the bicycle your kid grew out of to the cool leather jacket you bought on a whim but only wore a few times, are you looking to get rid of some of the clutter in your home? If the answer is yes, why not make some cash from these items with a few simple clicks on your smartphone? Following the belief that one man's trash is another man's treasure, there are several popular, user-friendly apps available right now that make selling secondhand items a breeze.

"There's nothing easier than using an app to snap a photo of an item and uploading it immediately to the marketplace," says Kendal Perez, blogger for and savings expert for

People looking for a great deal can also use these apps to buy secondhand items in good condition for a significant discount off of the retail price. Some items may even be unused with the tags still on, which often happens when people receive gifts they donit need and decide to resell them.

Ready to learn more? Here's the rundown on five of the best apps for buying and selling used stuff that you should download today.

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