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For those feeling the pinch this holiday season, finding alternatives for greeting cards can help.

Now is the time to start exploring your options. Each year 7 billion greeting cards are sold, making card sales big business. Prices for greeting cards typically cost $2 to $4, according to the Greeting Card Association, although some may be available for a lower (or higher) amount. And once you tack on an additional 42 cents to send each card, your costs can increase.

Do the math: To send traditional holiday cards to fifty people can easily cost $121 or more. That's expensive.

So how can you wish folks well, without Grinch-ing out?

Here at MainStreet we know what a dollar can do, so we came up with options for families looking for alternatives:

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The 21st century has ushered in a new way of communicating that has swept the masses. With increased traffic on the Internet, the stigma of sending an e-card has begun to dissipate. There are personalized e-cards and even animated cards to usher in the holidays and they’re easily available. Free e-cards can be found on Web sites such as Blue Mountain, 123 Cards, Someecards, and HDGreetings.

Post Cards
You can print your own postcards from photos stored on Flickr or upload a photo on AmazingMail to create a unique postcard from the same service utilized by the United States Postal Service. (Cost: A little more than $1 per card.) Add a personal touch by sending holiday postcards from your vacation destinations. You could even send postcards with a touching personal note.

Hand-written Notes on Stationery
While costing less than a card, a sheet of paper with written note that borrows from the Golden Girl’s theme “thank you for being a friend” can warm your friends’ heart this winter. Also, with less handwritten notes sent during the age of the Internet, stationery provides a unique feel for the holidays.

Buy in bulk
If you still want to send regular old cards, find a couple of like minded friends and buy together.

Happy Holidays!