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There actually plenty of places to find reasonably priced, and even free, haircuts. You just need to know where to look. From Supercuts to beauty schools, cheap haircuts are out there. Keep reading to learn more.

Check Online Listings

Many cities have online listings for inexpensive haircuts. Sites like provide very helpful information on local business. Try doing a search for "cheap haircuts." Depending on where you live, you will likely see a long list of inexpensive salons, often with detailed rating systems and user reviews. After you get your haircut, be sure to post your own review to help future seekers of the cheap haircut.

There's a New Salon in Town!

If you notice that a new salon is being built in your area, keep on the lookout for discounts that they may be offering. You might find a "Coming Soon" posting with a coupon in the local paper or promotions posted on the premises. Since the salon is new to the area, they will be looking to build their clientele, and a great way for them to do that is to offer introductory specials to draw new people to the salon. And it's a great way for you to get an inexpensive haircut.

Junior Stylists

If there's a salon you've always been curious about but have been troubled by the price tag, contact them and ask about the price of a cut with a junior stylist. Junior stylists are new to the profession and to the salon, and it's very important for them to hone their skills and build a clientele. The salon will offer attractive rates to make a visit with a junior stylist more compelling.

Loyalty Programs

Many salons offer loyalty programs similar to those offered at your local coffee or sandwich place. The more you go, the more you save.  Sometimes after going a certain number of times, you can qualify for a free treatment, like deep conditioning or a blow out.


You can often find coupons online, simply by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo and searching for "Hair Cut Coupons" and your city name. If you like a specific salon, try googling the name of the salon with "coupons" after it.  You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

There is even a site that lists salon coupons with an option to download them directly from the site.

Coupons can also be found in your local phone book or in those Value-Pak mailers that come to your house every month or so. Another great place to look for discounts is in magazines that cover your area. Salons will often advertise in these publications and offer discounts with their ads.

Have a Simple Haircut?

Go to a barber! Barbers are usually very skilled hair experts and they charge much less than a fancy salon. Mind you, the accommodations will be somewhat bare-bones and you won't get a scalp massage with sweet-smelling oils, but a cheap cut is a cheap cut.

Stylists Who Work From Home

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There are many stylists who are independent or retired and see clients either in their homes or they will come to you.  Rates will be less expensive than a salon because there is very low overhead. Also, you shouldn't have to tip a home stylist as the full rate goes to them and not just a percentage like in salons.

Working with a stylist at home can also be more fun because it feels more personal.  An in-home cut is good option for kids who might be scared of the whole salon experience.

Hair Model? Me??

Yes, you! Anyone can be a hair model. Salons often need hair models so a visiting stylist or the owner can demo a new style, technique or product to their staff. You can find listings for these online or in the local paper.

Demo cuts are usually offered when the salon is closed. Make sure you know what is being demonstrated and that it's actually something that you want. For example, Bumble and Bumble in New York City is always looking for hair models — contact them at 866-7-BUMBLE. If you are not open to a radical change, be sure to ask what style is being demonstrated so you can decide whether you want to participate.

Hair modeling can be competitive in some areas so prepare by arriving to a casting with your hair in excellent condition. The less processed your hair is, and the longer it is, the more likely you will be accepted. Also, ask for the details of the modeling gig — some salons charge for model haircuts. The price is low, but it's good to check so you know what to expect!

Beauty Schools

Budding stylists need to practice on someone — why not you? At beauty schools, students need a lot of practical training so many beauty schools offer free services as regularly as once a week. Students' work is always monitored by an instructor so you can feel comfortable knowing that someone very experienced is overseeing the process.

Newly-Trained Hair Stylists

When stylists are fresh out of school, they will often post ads in the paper or online (try requesting people to practice on. If you go this route, I might advise going with a friend to keep an eye on things and make sure you're getting a good haircut!

Sometimes you can happen upon a fun opportunity — newly graduated stylists need a portfolio, so they will will sometimes join forces with photographer friends to generate these shots, and you could be part of it.

Trade Shows

If you don't think you'd mind being the test subject for a class, you might want to look into the trade show route as well. If you live near a convention center, you will very likely find that there is a hair show at least once a year. Hair shows always need models for demonstrations, so find out when the hair show is scheduled and keep your eyes on the local paper a few weeks before for casting announcements.

Also, sometimes there is compensation offered for hair modeling, so be sure to inquire. Yes, a cut and color is a great treat, but sometimes you can get professional photos or even cash payments for your time.


One of the largest and most iconic salon brands in the country, Supercuts boasts Super Style, Super Value and Super Advice at more than 2,100 locations. Services including hair coloring, highlights, gray blending, special treatments such as the Tea Tree Experience and a complete selection of salon-only products.

Supercuts also attracts a significant share of the male market by providing a contemporary and comfortable atmosphere that offers updated hairstyles at affordable prices, so if you're a guy who likes more than a barber cut, Supercuts may be a great choice for you. And they cut kids' hair, too!

Named the fifth-best franchise overall according to Entrepreneur magazine’s 2010 Franchise 500 issue, Supercuts is definitely worth checking out.

Learn more at

Fantastic Sams

Fantastic Sams Hair Salon is a leading full-service hair care and professional salon franchise with nearly 1,300 salons nationwide.

Fantastic Sams distinguishes themselves from other full-service value-priced competitors by delivering the same quality and span of services as their high-end competitors. “We call it giving ‘Red Carpet Styles’ for an affordable everyday price,” says Scott Colabuono, CEO of Fantastic Sams.

Fantastic Sams offers their stylists ongoing styling, hair cutting and hair coloring classes to their employees so they can maintain their skills and be up to date on today’s trends. Fantastic Sams offers each and every customer the best possible look and style at prices that allow guests to visit as often as they need to in order to maintain the style that’s right for them.

Fantastic Sams keeps on growing, planning to add more than 50 new locations this year. It will be easier than ever to find a Fantastic Sams near you.

Great Clips

Great Clips was established in 1982 in Minneapolis. Today, they have more than 2,800 salons in the U.S. and Canada, making them the largest single-brand salon in North America. They promise affordable, quality haircuts in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, and they have extended hours to suit your busy lifestyle — and no appointments, so you can walk in whenever it works for you.

They employ nearly 25,000 knowledgeable, licensed stylists and offer everything from perms, bang & beard trims and cuts for women, men, kids and seniors in every style imaginable. They provide an academy for their stylists to learn the Great Clips system of cutting hair and they have ongoing training for salon staff.

Find out more at

Rudy's Barbershop

For a truly unique experience, try Rudy's Barbershop if you are on the West Coast. Rudy's has been offering great cuts for men and women and wonderful customer service in culture-rich environments since they opened in Seattle in 1993. They encourage the individuality of their clients at very fair prices ($10-$30). They are located in sought-after neighborhoods in and around Seattle, Los Angeles and Portland, so if you're in the area, be sure to look them up!

Learn more about these unique salons here.

Hair Cuttery

Hair Cuttery was launched in 1974 by two stylists with the vision of creating a unisex walk-in salon that was convenient and cost-effective for the whole family. Now, with nearly 800 salons on the East Coast, New England and the Chicago area, Hair Cuttery is the largest privately-held full-service salon chain in the U.S.

Their goal is to provide a positive work environment for their staff, encouraging them to be the best they can be, so getting a haircut at Hair Cuttery is bound to be a fun experience. They also have great promotions and value packages.

Hair Masters

Stop by any of their locations to freshen up your look at a moment's notice with the latest cuts, styles, color, perms, highlights and more.  Their talented stylists offer fast, friendly service and in-depth knowledge about a wide variety of professional products.

They offer adult and kid cuts, color, highlighting, perms, bang & beard trims, conditioning treatments and relaxers, extensions and facial waxing (in select salons) all at reasonable prices. Located in regional strip malls.


I'm not quite sure what to say about tools that you use to cut your own hair at home, but given that this is a "Cheap Haircut" piece, I have to mention the Flowbee, a vaccuum-like hair cutter that allows you to get a uniform style. The Robocut offers a similar service.

If you're not that brave, I hope that I've been able to provide you with some great, inexpensive options for looking fabulous without breaking the bank.

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