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Times may be tough, but that won’t stop women from hitting the stores this holiday season.

According to a new survey from American Express, 100% of women plan to go shopping during the next month and a half, while 12% of men plan to ignore the shopping season all together.

However, just because women plan to shop doesn’t mean they intend to spend excessively.

The survey, which is based on interviews with more than 2,000 adults, found that the vast majority of shoppers (84%) will try to stretch their money this holiday season, with many citing plans to shop for clearance items, clip coupons, use rewards points or cut people from their gift list.

Other reports have found that people are also planning to make their holiday purchases with cash rather than credit to keep their spending under control.

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On the whole though, women are actually more likely to stretch their dollars than men, with 90% of women claiming a desire to be more resourceful in their spending compared to 77% of men. In fact, another new survey from Western Union found that nearly half of all women plan to spend less this year on holiday goods while only about a third of men plan to do the same.

So perhaps because more women are planning to shop this holiday season than men, they are more likely to be thinking of ways to cut corners with their holiday purchases.

Regardless of who does the shopping, the most popular gift item this year is expected to be gift cards, with 53% of those surveyed planning to give one this season.

So, men who are planning to stay home this year, get ready, because if the majority of shoppers are buying gift cards, then chances are at least some of you will end up with one and will need to hit the stores after the holidays to redeem it.

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