Many of us are still smarting, financially, from the recession. However, there are some for whom it seems the recession was just a rumor.

These folks are super-rich, and have the money to spend on the best of the best. For elite technology goods and gadgets, the extremely wealthy are able — and willing — to spend millions of dollars on TVs, phones, computers and more.

If you’re rich enough, money really is no object. You can buy just about anything you want, whether it’s a gold-plated iPhone or a high-end TV custom designed just for you. Here are 10 of the most expensive technology items out there.

1. PrestigeHD Television: $2.26 million

The Stuart Hughes’ PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition television is quite expensive, and was bought for the equivalent of $2.26 million (it was paid for in British pounds). The 55” TV is powered by Metz and features a coating of 18-karat rose gold. The TV sparkles with 72 flawless, one-carat diamonds. If $2.26 million is too steep for your taste, you can get one with fewer diamonds and topaz for the mere cost of $1.5 million.

2. Susse Freres daguerreotype camera: $775,000

The daguerreotype camera is a fine example of old technology sold at auction in 2007 for 576,000 euro, or about $775,000 at the time. The Susse Freres is believed to be the oldest commercially manufactured camera in the world. But this camera may not be the most expensive example for long: In May, a daguerreotype camera is expected to fetch as much as $950,000 at auction.

3. Goldstriker iPhone: $3.2 million

If you want to talk in style, you simply must get the luxury Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme. This is another offering from luxury designer Stuart Hughes. It features 22-karat gold—271 grams of it. There are more than 200 diamonds on the phone, all cut brilliantly to shine. The home button features a 7.1-carat diamond. And it’s not enough to just have this expensive phone. You’ll need to protect it as well. Your Goldstriker phone arrives in a granite and gold chest, nestled in top Nubuck leather.

4. Transmission Ultimate speakers: $2 million

Take sound to the next level with Transmission Ultimate speakers, available for $2 million per pair. The pair of speakers has 12 units between them, with ribbon panels, subwoofers and mid-woofers. Everything is state-of-the art, and these speakers span 73 feet and weigh five metric tons. These units could be a complete sound system in themselves. It takes about six months to assemble the Transmission Ultimate system, as it is made from aircraft aluminum and mounted on polished granite.

5. World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse: $26,730

For the geek in your life, nothing says love like the World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse. Yes, that is what it is actually called. The manufacturers are quite clear about that. You can customize your mouse in red, yellow or white gold, and you can design your own diamond design. However, if you can’t think of anything unique, you can just order the standard flower design.

6. iPod Touch Supreme: $231,776

Stuart Hughes offers another posh design for an Apple product. The iPod Touch Supreme features 22-karat gold, and a number of color F diamonds of high quality. The home button is designed using a 2.10-carat pink diamond surrounded by 12 smaller diamonds. Only three were made available, making it an extremely limited edition.

7. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP: $4,420

You’d think the luxurious, keyboard covered with gold leaf from Wazakura studios would be the most expensive. But it’s not. If you want a truly expensive keyboard, you’ll need to pay $4,420 for the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP. This keyboard is made to order, and coated by hand with Urushi lacquer. Powdered gold dust is used as well. The luxury components make this the most expensive computer keyboard out there.

8. Wii Supreme: $481,250

If your video game system doesn’t have enough bling, you can get the Wii Supreme from (who else?) Stuart Hughes. This Wii Supreme video game console is plated with 22-karat gold and features 78 diamonts of 0.25 carats each. Like many of Hughes’ creations, this one is very, very limited, with less than a handful made. You might be disappointed with the Wii-mote though; no gold plating there.

9. iDiamond earbuds: $6,400

If you’re more about style than substance for your listening pleasure, the iDiamond earbuds from Thomas Heyerdahl are for you. Each pair of earbuds in this series of 1,000 features 18-karat gold and is set with 204 diamonds. The total carat weight of the diamonds is 1.65, so it’s not that much. But, really, you don’t want your earbuds to be that big, right?

10. MacBook Air Supreme Fire: $335,987

The MacBook Air is known for being a super-light laptop. However, if you get the Stuart Hughes version, the MacBook Air Supreme Fire, you will find that the polished 24-karat gold body makes it a bit heavier. And, because you would expect nothing less from Stuart Hughes, there are 53 flawless diamonds involved for a total carat-weight of 25.5. There are only 10 available, so you’ll have to move fast. And be careful: Gold is soft, so it might be warped by the heat generated by the laptop.

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