The numbers are in. Apple has officially sold 1 million iPads.

According to Apple, the 1 millionth iPad was purchased April 30, the same day the iPad 3G was launched and just 28 days after the initial version’s release. This bests the performance of the iPhone, which reached the 1 million mark 74 days after it went on sale. (Last week, one tech site jumped the gun, prematurely announcing the 1 millionth iPad sale. Oops.)

“Demand continues to exceed supply and we’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in his press release.

But just how hard will Jobs have to work?

The same day the iPad hit 1 million, Google announced its acquisition of Bump Technologies, a Canadian start-up that specializes in the production of 3-D computer desktops.  Their BumpTop software, compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, allows users to move files and folders around in a 3-D diorama via touchscreen technology.

“More than three years ago, we set out to completely change the way people use their desktops,” BumpTop said in a post announcing the acquistion. “We're very grateful for all your support over that time, not just financially but also through all the encouraging messages from people who found BumpTop inspiring, useful, and just downright fun.”

Bump Technologies also specified that, come next week, the BumpTop software will no longer be for sale.

If Google utilizes this now-exclusive software, its imminent Android tablet could, in fact, be the “iPad killer.”

Already cited as the iPad’s only real rival, the Android tablet will, unlike the iPad, support Adobe Flash. Though Jobs has publicly dismissed Flash, favoring HTML5 instead, Flash remains the primary driver of video consumption on the Web.

The new Android tablet, however, will also give users access to popular Google services, such as Google Books, Google Reader and Google Voice.  Add a futuristic, touch-based 3-D interface and the race to 2 million units becomes a little more interesting.

May the best over-hyped, fancy piece of technology win.

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