Credit Cards Could Benefit Capital One, J.P. Morgan

Big portfolios of plastic work here (just look at Citi). These companies look like solid plays.
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Credit cards are on fire. They are just rocking. That was the real takeaway of


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I urge you to consider two other stocks of companies with big credit-card portfolios:

Capital One

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, which reports earnings after the bell Wednesday, and

J.P. Morgan

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which reports earnings Wednesday morning.

Both stocks are cheap. Both stocks really benefit from both the yield curve here and the improving economy (read: lack of defaults.)

I like this Capital One so much, I would be buying the November 55 and 65 calls if I could. That way, I could begin selling common when (if) it exploded upward, yet still have tons of exposure if it

pulled a




J.P. Morgan doesn't have that firepower. I own the common shares, which I think will trade to $40.

These two stocks could be the right way to play the next 48 hours around here.

Go get 'em.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long J.P. Morgan.

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