Oh boy, so I said "Buy

Yellow Roadway


" -- then why has Bill Zollars, the CEO of Yellow, been so mad at me?

I said to sell

Chicago Mercantile

(CME) - Get Report

and then it went down huge. Then I was thoughtful enough to say it was OK below $200, and now I am hammered for doing so? What's wrong with this picture?

Of course, I am talking about the

New York Post's

look at how my television show has done, "Smart 'Money'? Cramer's bark worse than bite."

It's almost comical when the press tries to grade you. They tend not to have the resources to do a thorough job, and when they try, they often by nature just can't get it right.

Which is why I sent the


the table I am giving you below. It shows how I really did in my first week of the show, and I have to tell you, it ain't that bad.

Of course, I was actually


on Yellow, so negative that I managed to get the CEO calling in to the show to tell me that I was wrong. So far, so good. And the Chicago Merc? It was just a call that the stock was too high for the moment.

One of the things that makes it so difficult to grade the show is the emphasis. If I like something as a stock of the week, shouldn't that matter more than something I say in the Lightning Round? And if I change my view after the stock has gone down, and I say I now like it -- as I did with


(GM) - Get Report

-- shouldn't that count


me, not against?


I thought you would enjoy the actuals, though, and you might conclude that my bite and my bark are both pretty effective.

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