Cramer: Will We Regret the 401(k) Boom?

Stocks have delivered over 20-year periods, but may not be the place for money if you need it within five years.
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Cramer's Take on Stock Investing for Retirement

The end of 401ks? The end of the belief in better returns than what you get from money simply compounding? Cramer ponders what the stock market malaise means for Main Street. To read his conclusions, click here:

Jim Cramer.

Common Cents: How to Cut Cable Costs

MainStreet's Lyneka Little offers a personal account of ways she found to cut her cable bill. To read about online alternatives, finding the hidden fees and negotiating a better deal, click here:

Cable Costs.

Working from Home: How Employers and Employees Win

With both employers and employees looking to cut expenses, now might be the right time to ask your boss if you can work from home. Besides cutting down on costs like fuel and energy expenditures, if handled properly teleworking can lead to a fuller life and more productive company. To read more MainStreet tips to help you make the pitch, click here:

Working from Home.

How to Talk Money Woes with Children

A plunging stock market can create a sinking feeling that churns the stomach of many parents that eventually trickles down to their children.Diminishing bank accounts and depleted savings can hurt your family in immediate ways, but remember that your child's lifelong relationship with money begins with you. To read MainStreet's tips, click here:

Talking Money.