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Why do Americans move abroad? Mostly for love or money. That’s according to a study by HireAHelper, a moving resources site, which found that around a 24% of American expats moved to pursue a romantic relationship.

The cost of living abroad was also considered a benefit before moving by 53% of American expats surveyed by Internations, a networking site for expats, which also determined that 23% of those surveyed are retired.

The U.S. State Dept. estimates that 10 million Americans are living outside the U.S., while the United Nations estimates 3.2 million. Despite the difference, both entities have tracked an increase in expats since 1999. The Social Security Administration noted a 40% increase in the number of retirees drawing their Social Security overseas, according to CNBC report, which says affordable healthcare and better weather are key factors for those retiring abroad.

Other top reasons for Americans to move to a different country include: better salary, better work-life balance, and to search for a more meaningful career, according to a report by Randstad, a global HR consultancy.

Where do all of these Americans go? Mostly Mexico, it turns out. To find the countries with the most American expats, HireAHelper used the International migrant stock 2019 statistics series produced by the U.N., only considering countries where there were at least 1,000 Americans.

These are the countries with the most American expats.