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It just might be the craziest publicity idea of this century.

Groupon, a popular coupon site, is looking for one extreme individual to live solely off its coupon offerings for an entire year. If you are selected and make it through the year, then Groupon will give you $100,000.

Don’t rush into it just yet. The deal requires you to abandon your job, your apartment and place all your belongings in storage. Instead, you’ll live in hotel rooms for the year (paid for by Groupons.)

Groupon will provide you with unlimited coupons at no cost to you, which is great for the frugal-minded out there, especially given the bad economy. However, most Groupons are for fun activities that get you out of the house – pilates classes, spas and restaurants. The site is less useful for practical deals like clothes and toiletries. That’s where the challenge comes in.

“This will be a catastrophic disruption to your life. You’ll be living out of hotels, eating a lot of sushi, and taking enough yoga classes to kill a small fox (which you may also have to do),” the site notes in the description of the challenge. “You’re going to have to be resourceful. For example, how will you use a Groupon if you need cash to cover tax and tip?” And by resourceful, what the site really means is you have to reach out to friends and strangers for help. This is really the philosophy behind the deal and Groupon itself - that being frugal can be a communal venture.

I’ve covered Groupon before and I personally love the site, but I do have serious doubts that one can or should rely solely on these deals for a year. By the end of this period, you’d probably be limber with well-exfoliated skin and a stomach full of delicious cuisine… Actually, what am I talking about? I’m signing up for this now..

If you’re interested, the application date is Feb. 24. You'll need to submit a short essay and video about yourself and why you think you should be selected. You can find more information about the deal here.

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