62 Companies Hiring Nationwide

Looking for a job, a new career, or just a side-gig? Here's a master list of companies that are hiring right now.
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Another 3.8 million Americans filed jobless claims in late April, leaving a six-week total of 30.3 million, the highest on record, as of April 30. With roughly one-fifth of the nation’s workers now unemployed, you or someone you know is probably looking for a job. Even if you are still working, a side job might sound like a good idea right now, just to add some extra income or savings in a precarious economy.

Airlines, retail stores, restaurants and other parts of the travel and tourism industry are among those struggling the most. But grocery stores, businesses that sell online or provide online services, delivery and shipping services, and companies that make and sell household goods, cleaning products, hand sanitizers or medical protective gear are humming along and many are scrambling for help.

According to the National Retail Federation, while many in the retail sector have been forced to make cuts to their workforce due to the temporary or permanent closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, other companies are hiring thousands of workers to meet increased consumer demand. They include everything from headhunters and internet companies to fashion recruiters, shipping, security and marketing, with jobs for a range of experience levels. Based on the list provided by the NRF, as of time of writing, here are 62 companies that are hiring nationwide.