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Watching the tape is a loser's game, unless you remember that there are sellers as well as buyers at work. I point this out because I really and truly think that most people see "takes," or buys of stocks, and they want to go take those stocks themselves.


Trading flow, trading off of takes or hits, is dicey for even a seasoned professional. Most of the time when you see flurries of buying, it's


That's the reason my tenth trading commandment is:

Don't trade flow.

Recently, I saw takes of

Morgan Stanley


all the way up to $60 off of news of some defections. The stock just snowballed as the "crowd," which is almost always wrong, figured something big was going to happen.

It sure did. The big happening was that you caught a couple of downgrades as the Street recognized that real revenue producers were abandoning the stock in droves.

Lots of times, the tape reveals sucker plays. Lots of times, people just take because emotionally it feels right. If I were you, I would turn off the ticker. Unless you are a junkie like me and just like to see the ebbs and flows, it really is a meaningless exercise at best and a losing one at worst.

Don't be sucked in.

Random musings:

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