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Last December, we initiated more than 160 mutual funds into the

Century Club, where membership required triple-digit returns for 1999. But we warned that most of the funds would not repeat that performance in 2000.

But could some of them?

This Saturday in

The Big Screen

, we'll show you which members of last year's Century Club have defied the odds and are continuing to perform well this year.

Also coming this Saturday in Personal Finance Focus:

  • Mark Ingebretsen notes in his Tools of the Trade column that competing in online investing challenges is a good way to stay sharp and develop new strategies.
  • Tracy Byrnes explains in Tax Forum how much money you and your employer can contribute to your 401(k) account each year.
  • The ETF and HOLDRs Weekly Report will show you how every exchange-traded fund and HOLDR has performed this week and this year.

We'll also have

Jim Cramer's

mutual fund column, Stock in the Spotlight and the Weekly Scorecard. See you on Saturday.