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A new feature we're offering at

is our chat series.

Jim Cramer hosted the first, and now I'm happy to tell you about our second. On Nov. 19, from noon until 1 p.m., Gary B. Smith will host a chat you'll want to be part of: "3 Secrets to Successful Trading."

Our goal with these chats is to introduce you to different types of trading strategies, and in doing that, introduce you to some of the masters who practice them. Gary is one of the country's most recognized experts in technical analysis. He'll tell you how technical analysis works, give you three secrets to trading and most importantly, take your questions.

Gary is one of our most popular writers on


. I hope you'll take this chance to participate in the chat. The cost of the chat is $35, and

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you can sign up here.

We're planning our winter and spring chats. Now is the time to let us know who you'd like to see hosting a chat and what topic you'd like to have discussed.

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