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Closed Funds Don't Need 'Fresh Cash' to Feed Returns

Also, defending brokers, navigating the securities arbitration process and more.

A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Lack of Cash Won't Starve a Closed Fund
By Dagen McDowell
If a fund underperforms after closing to new investment, it's probably not because it lacks 'fresh cash.' More

In Defense of Brokers
By Dagen McDowell
Also from this week's mailbag, Ralph Wanger explains the closing of two of his Acorn funds. More

Navigating the Securities Industry's Arbitration Process
By Dagen McDowell
It's quicker than the courts in resolving disputes, but it's not cost-effective unless you have a large claim. More

Why Is My High-Yield Fund Sucking Wind?
By Elizabeth Roy
Also, a friendly rant on the difference between bonds and cash. More

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