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In 1848 Susan B. Anthony was working as a teacher in Canajoharie, N.Y., when she discovered that male teachers were paid $10 a month, while the female teachers earned just $2.50 a month, or 25%. That’s when she became involved with the teacher’s union.

She was 28 years old.

Today, 174 years later, women under 30 might be pleased to learn that in 22 U.S. cities, they are earning as much as or more than their male counterparts.

Well, the women in those cities might be pleased, at least.

A Pew Research analysis of the gender pay gap in the U.S. found that the gap is narrower among younger workers nationally, and varies across geographical areas. In the 22 cities, women under 30 earn at least the same as and up to 20% more than men under 30.

Then there are 107 metros where the women earn 90% to 99% of what the men earn, accounting for almost half of all women under 30 working full time in the U.S. in 2019.

In another 103 metros, women under 30 earn 80% to 89% of what the young men earn. In 18 metros, their earnings were 67% of 79% of the men’s. 

Nationwide, among all full-time, year-round workers in 2019, the median annual earnings of women of all ages were 82% those of men, according to Pew.

Here are the cities where women under 30 are making more than men under 30, followed by the cities where the women are making the least compared with the men.

(The town where Susan B. Anthony taught has fewer than 4,000 people, too small the this analysis, but in nearby Albany, N.Y., women under 30 are making 94% of their male counterparts.)

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3Barnstable_County_Courthouse mass  John Phelan Wikipedia
4 Gainesville florida sh
5 Naples florida sh
6 san diego sh
7 yuba city calif sh
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2 congress washington dc sh
10 san angelo texas sh
Champaign urbana illinois  Leigh Trail : Shutterstock
12 lebanon pennsylvania Veterans Affairs Medical Center sh
1 Santa Barbara Calif sh
20 winston salem Ncarolina sh
15 iowa city iowa- univ of iowa sh
6 sacramento sh
14 Elkhart,_Indiana  Publichall:wikipedia
Beaumont texas sh
4 midland odessa midland texas odessa sh
mansfield ohio neon sh
3 decatur illinois Mr_Ackley : Shutterstock
8 Thibodaux louisiana ian munroe from Steinwenden, GermanyWikipedia
Benton harbor michigan sh
baton rouge louisiana LSU sh
14 saginaw mich ehrlif : Shutterstock
tuscaloosa alabama sh
17 Amarillo tx By T photography SH
Glens falls NY Tyler A. McNeil:Wikipedia
bloomington illinois sh
14 bismarck NDakota sh
3 mobile alabama Kristi Blokhin : Shutterstock
gulfport, mississippi