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U.S. Cities That Most Need the First Coronavirus Vaccines

Cities with the most healthcare workers, people with underlying health conditions and older residents would appear to need the vaccine the most.

As several million doses of the coronavirus vaccine are getting shipped from Pfizer’s plant in Michigan and arrive in all 50 states this week, the U.S. has surpassed 16 million total known infections and nearly 300,000 total deaths from the virus.

While widespread distribution of the vaccines is expected by April, the first doses will go to frontline health care workers this month. Others among the first to be vaccinated will be people especially at risk for serious symptoms, such as elderly people in nursing homes and people with underlying health conditions. Essential workers, such as grocery store employees and public transit drivers, are also close to the front of the line.

To determine which of 93 U.S. cities are most in need of the initial coronavirus vaccines, WalletHub graded each city on a 100-point scale, (where 100 is the highest need of vaccination, and zero the lowest) based on the following criteria:

  • Share of healthcare workers
  • Share of frontline industries workers, including everything from child care to grocery and trucking workers.
  • Share of population aged 65 and older
  • Share of nursing facility residents
  • Share of diagnosed HIV infections
  • Share of obese adult population
  • Share of adult population diagnosed with cancer, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, COPD, asthma or hypertension
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