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The Cities With the Most Expensive Beer in the World

This is how much a pint of beer will set you back in these 30 cities.

While everyone is wringing their hands over inflation, worrying about the cost of groceries, rental cars and lumber, what about the important stuff: the price of beer?

Back in 1952, a pint of beer cost 65 cents. If that sounds cheap, consider that equaled about $5.93 in today’s dollars.

Personal finance site Finder, which has a crew of about 175 in 10 countries and claims to drink 800 beers a week (averaging out to about 4.6 pints each) compared the cost of a pint of beer in the most populated cities in 177 countries, using data from cost-of-living sites Expatistan and Numbeo for Nov. 29, 2017. Prices are based on a half-liter of domestic beer in a restaurant, and averaged between the two cost-of-living sites. We checked it against current prices and exchange rates, which account for some variation. 

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