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I loved going to Circuit City when I was a kid. For some reason it was something my Dad and I did on Sundays. I'd hang out in the car stereo section for the most part, which admittedly is strange given I couldn't drive.

When Circuit City officially announced it was going out of business earlier this year, I'll admit, I wept. (Not really.)

So imagine my surprise and elation when I read on Consumerist that they might be opening back up.

Actually I wasn't particularly surprised or elated. It makes sense when you think about it. The domain unquestionably has value, particularly for any business that is set up to create an electronics e-commerce site. Because Circuit City is a known brand, they'll have plenty of traffic right off the bat and thus will require a much lower marketing budget. It doesn't surprise me that someone snatched it up - maybe even a former competitor who will redirect the traffic to another portal.

But even if Circuit City is reborn online, I'll still be bummed. Browsing car stereos on the web isn't nearly as fun as it is in real life.