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will feature Street Talk, a one-hour interactive chat with one of the top professionals in investing. Once a week, we'll bring in an expert to take reader questions and weigh in on the markets.

For tomorrow's edition, our guest is Arnie Berman. Berman is a managing director and technology stock strategist at SoundView Technology Group, the largest investment bank and brokerage firm focused exclusively on the information technology sector. His weekly written piece, Technology Focus, addresses the most interesting trends and investment opportunities in the technology sector. Berman frequently appears on


and is often quoted in publications from

The Wall Street Journal



to the

Los Angeles Times.

He is a contributing editor to

Red Herring


Berman is the chairman of SoundView's stock selection committee. He has been with SoundView since 1990 and has been on Wall Street since 1983. His experience at SoundView includes an extended reign as the firm's top institutional producer. He holds a B.S. degree, magna cum laude, in applied mathematics from Brown University, and is a chartered financial analyst.

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personal finance editor Lisa Meyer. Once you join Street Talk, be sure to click on the audio version of the interview.

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