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Chat With Cramer

Jim talks stocks and answers your questions in the next installment of the TSC Chat Series on Oct. 23.
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I'm pleased to announce that Jim Cramer will be starring in the next TSC Chat Series on Thursday, Oct. 23 from noon to 1 p.m. EDT.

You know Jim from his commentary on


, his work on the radio and TV, and through his stock picks on

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-- as of Oct. 15, the portfolio's one-year return is 43.1% (though past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance).

Now you can talk to him in real-time in our



Cramer will be providing you with his 10 favorite broken stocks that he thinks are ready to turn around. He'll then take your questions on these stocks, or any other questions you might have.

When Cramer did a chat last year, he answered over 100 questions. He'll do his best to answer just as many -- or more -- this time around.

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